When I moved to London in 2009 I started blogging but never really took it too seriously. I actually used it as a portfolio of my knowledge in fashion to get the internships I really wanted. And it worked! I worked at some of my favourite fashion institutions in London like Lulu Kennedy's Fashion East and Browns fashion. After I finished my BA I went back to LCF to complete a couple of short courses: "styling for photoshoots", "personal styling", "color theory" and "understanding fabrics". After all this I somehow ended up in Budapest again where I had a couple really cool jobs in Fashion: Styling for social media at Il Bacio di Stile and I was a fashion consultant at the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency. I loved all of my jobs and learned so much during these years. But then I met my now husband who later was sent here to San Francisco by his company so we moved! I then had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted as I waited for my work permit and decided to pursue "blogging" more seriously. At this time, in 2018 I only had about 5-6K Instagram followers. I tried my best and managed to grow my account up to 12k followers by posting sped up styling videos. I wish I knew about TikTok back then but hey everything happens for a reason. 

Today, over 300K total combined followers later I decided to pursue another dream of mine and updated this little corner of the internet that's mine: my blog. I transformed it to a personal styling website and a shop where you have access to all of the resources you asked for (if you can't find what you are looking for don't hesitate to DM me!). Yes, not everything will be free but I promise to keep everything super affordable.

I am also planning on doing personal styling sessions since you guys have been asking for it. If you are interested in it send me a note by clicking the link below!

Wow this was a long read haha! I hope you enjoy this website 💕

In a small eastern European country studying Fashion Marketing was very unusual and it was a real struggle to convince my parents that this was a real career path. By the time I did I have already missed all the university deadlines so I ended up going to London for a fashion foundation year at LCF and then ended up at LondonMet for my BA. I loved both schools but the truth is, I learned the most while doing internships or working in luxury retail.

My name is Veronika and I am a fashion influencer based in San Francisco. I am originally from Budapest, Hungary and moved to the states with my husband for his job in 2018.
I have always been very into fashion and styling even at a very young age but my plan was to study banking and finance in Paris because I loved maths and was already studying in the french system at the Lycée Francais of Budapest.
I can't remember why anymore but after high school I have decided to not follow the path my parents and I have set out for me in finance and rather follow my dreams. 



Are you interested in a personal styling session?